History of The Farm & Mystics Beach


The very popular surfing beaches known by the locals as "The Farm" & “Mystics” are located within Killalea State Park. Killalea was officially declared as a National Surfing Reserve on 6 June 2009 recognising these beaches as a protected treasure of Australia.

The Farm and Mystics are the two surfing beaches in Killalea State Park and they are no more than five hundred metres apart. The two beaches are extremely unique unto each other in the way that they are polar opposites - they offer a completely different surfing experience to the surfer.

From surfingreserves.org:

In about 1960 or 61, Dave Milnes, Blake Bisaker and Don Freeman were looking for waves at The Shallows and there was nothing, so Blake Bisaker wandered up a big hill at the southern end of the bay, and when he a reached the top he started waving his arms like a crazy man!

The beach was surrounded by a Farm House, and with permission granted by a hesitant old lady, we were driving through pot-holes towards to the beach break Blake Bisaker had witnessed only moments earlier.

A few seasons later Dave Milnes had photos in Surfing World Magazine. So when the Sydney guys found this place... that was that.”

The name "The Farm" came about from the only way to access to the beach; through a private property farm. The Farm itself had several paddocks located around the lagoon, on beach frontage and down south through to Mystics. Originally, an honesty system was used where the farm owner simply asked for the gates of the paddock to be closed after entering. However after some time they were carelessly left open and he eventually locked the gates. Eventually he restored access by charging a small fee of a few shillings at the gates.

The Farm offers largely deep water, open rolling wave with an extremely long inshore impact zone. This allows the surfer to ride for two to four hundred metres allowing you to pack in enough manoeuvres to make your legs go to jelly. The beach caters to all surfing abilities from beginner to advanced, because it is generally regarded as a user-friendly wave until it reaches the six foot mark and beyond. When the Farm goes over the six foot mark it gives the surfer a genuine big wave experience with big open faces, extremely long wipe-out hold downs and a fitness challenge to get back out to the line-up. The Farm allows surfers to ride any type of board such is the versatility of its conditions.

One of the most important and unique facts about The Farm is that it faces to the south catching the south swell that predominantly runs up the coastline and is offshore in a northeast wind.

Mys-tics was given its name because when it was first discovered by surfers, the sea mist met the land fog creating a mystical surfing spot, hence the name. There will be no fitness endurance tests at Mystics due to the short impact zone, so after you have dusted the sand off it’s usually a couple of strokes until you are out the back again which means plenty of waves in a short period of time... unlike The Farm.


Mystics offers waves that are short, peaky, thick and wedge-like that is really for the intermediate to advanced surfer. It is unique because of the fact that the southeast swells bound off the northern rocky headland and travel diagonally to the beach. This forms a peak, after peak, after peak, as they cross over the swells that are heading toward the beach.